Campus Gestaltung, Edelstein und Schmuck

Sharareh Aghaei gewinnt eine Honorable Mention of the director of the Gallery of Art in Legnica

Sharareh Aghaei: The Right one | Halsschmuck | Messing, Blattgold, Synthetischer Quarz, dop sticks (stone holding tool) | Photo © Nima Ashrafi

Ausgestellt vom 25. April bis 02. Juli in Legnica

What is the right one? Synthetic or natural? 

THE RIGHT ONE was created after facing a sad reality in the gemstone valley. When for the first time I entered in a room full of colorful synthetic stones, located in the heart of the natural gemstone world. Tension between the value of treasures inside this room and standards outside of it, was so strong that suddenly the seductive little gems became worthless. Just because they were not the right ones according to the requirements of the gemstone world.

The fragments used in this piece are collected from the take-away pile of a synthetic gemstone carver after his death.

Sharareh Aghaei (MFA 2017)

31th International Jewellery Competition QUALITY


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