Think CO2

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In the "Think CO2" project, the practical application of carbon footprints is being investigated and further developed. The interdisciplinary research project takes up the possibility of representing the climate intensity of actions, services or products via their carbon footprint and examines their suitability as an indicator for sustainability assessment.

The investigations are based on the example of canteen kitchens and food. Together with the project partner "Studierendenwerk Trier", carbon footprints are created for numerous menus. Based on this study, the survey methodology can be optimized and standardized. In addition to the methodological consideration, a major component of the project is the development of a labeling system for carbon footprints. Different forms of label formats will be developed and discussed with focus groups. From this, a label is to be derived that can be used to label products in terms of their carbon footprint and that meets the needs of customers.

Duration Mai 2018 - Oktober 2021

Project Management at Trier University of Applied Sciences:

Prof. Dr. Jens Neumeister
Prof. Dr. Jens Neumeister
Professor FB Bauen + Leben - FR Geb.-, Versorgungs-, Energietechnik


Schneidershof | Building A | Room 303
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