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Security risk: Outlook-App for iOS and Android

Access to university e-mail accounts via the Outlook app will no longer be possible from 08.01.2024.

The Outlook app for iOS and Android as well as the Outlook (new) app for Windows 11 do not establish a direct connection to our Exchange servers. They route the data via servers of a third-party provider. The necessary authentication data (your login name and password) are also stored on their servers. This is in contradiction to §5(d) of our user rules of the IT departmens of Trier University of Applied Sciences and represents a security risk.

It cannot be assumed that this behavior will be adjusted in the foreseeable future. Therefore, in consultation with the Information Security Team, the IT departments have decided to prevent access to university exchange e-mail accounts via these apps from 08.01.2024. This restriction also applies if there is an active VPN connection to our network.

IMPORTANT: If you have used one of these apps in the past, delete the connection to your university e-mail account from these apps and then change your university password immediately. Avoid using these apps until further notice.

Alternative e-mail programs for use with your university e-mail account can be found on the following page: e-mail programs.

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