IT-department Trier

New feature: Marking external mails

Better identification of phishing emails through EXTERNAL marking

Limiting successful phishing attempts is still the most important measure in the fight against cyber attacks on our university. The sender addresses in phishing emails are usually forged and pretend to have been sent by people from the university. Any email sent to your university mailbox from outside Trier University of Applied Sciences should therefore be treated with particular caution. To make it even easier for you to distinguish in future whether an e-mail has been sent to you from within the university or from outside, the computer centers have implemented a special marking of external e-mails. The marking is added to all e-mails that were not originally sent from the mail servers (gateways) of the Trier University of Applied Sciences data centers or from the e-recruitment portal (BITE) and is visible for all Exchange mail accounts in Outlook and in as the e-mail category "EXTERNAL". To make it even more conspicuous for you, you can also assign an individual color to this category in Outlook.

If you use an email client other than Outlook, OWA or Webmail to read the emails in the university mailbox, you can make the distinction using a filter rule on the header entry "X-Policy-Bank: EXTERNAL", provided the email client has the corresponding filter functionality.

Please continue to be careful. The external marking makes it easier to identify phishing emails, but does not prevent them.


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