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Awareness: Transmission of personal data

Personal data is processed at our university on a daily basis. The handling of this data is regulated by the EU's General Data Protection Regulation. The top priority there is informational self-determination: a person decides for him- or herself what happens to his or her data and who is allowed to process it.

However, not only the processing of personal data is subject to data protection, but also their transport. This includes, for example, the transmission of personal data by e-mail. It is not obvious on which devices the emails are received and how secure they are. In addition, it can easily happen that e-mails are incorrectly addressed, for example due to a typing error. If such a mistake happens to an email containing personal data, it is an accidental publication of the data. The right to informational self-determination of the person concerned has been violated and the incident must be reported immediately to the Data Protection Officer or the Information Security Team.

To prevent such cases, we recommend not sending personal data by e-mail. The university's IT policy refers to the cloud services Seafile and Alfresco provided by the university as an alternative transmission method. In addition, use the special subject systems available for processing the data (QIS, SOS, SVA, HISinONE, etc.).

Finally, Kevin shows you today how you can contribute to data protection with a tidy desk: Kevin: Clean-Desk Policy (length: 2 min.).

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