Part-time employment

In organisations with more than 15 members of staff all employees employed longer than 6 months have a basic right to be part-time employed. This right is limited if the operation of the organization is at risk.

The right to claim part-time employment for family related reasons is especially given for employees and civil servants in civil service. The organisation of part-time employment is individually negotiable. The possibilities range from a few hours a week to almost full employment.

Requirements: there are no duty related problems with the organisation of worktime. If that is the case, the application for part-time employment can be rejected due to operational reasons. These requirements also apply to managerial staff of all levels.

Should you wish to return to fulltime employment, your request must be preferentially decided under consideration of performance principles and the discrimination regulations.

If you are interested in a part-time regulation for your job due to family duties, you should contact your responsible human resources department and consult your manager well before time.

More informations

The ministry for labour and employment offers a salary computer and its website which will allow you to calculate your new income individually.

Brocure „Part-time employment & vacation in civil service" (in german language)

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