Housing benefits

Housing benefits will help low-income households to bear accommodation costs. You can claim housing benefits if you are renting property or own property. If you can claim housing benefit and how much will be granted to you will depend on:

  • The number of family members living in your household
  • The amount of income of members living in your household
  • The amount of eligible rent, respectively liability

Your application should be addressed to your local housing benefits service, where you can also pick up the forms. The period of receipt runs from the first of the month in which you apply for the benefits. The repeat application to continue the housing benefits should be handed in 2 month before the period of receipt ends. Upon application you must provide details on rent as well as all income information.

Housing benefits for students

Students who receive a public grant to finance their studies can only receive housing benefits if they share their household with family members who are not funded by a public grant, such as spouses or children. In case of them living alone entitled to claim a public grant (even if this is then not granted due to a parental income too high), they are not entitled to claim housing benefits.

If they are not entitled to claim a public grant (for example if their studies exceed the period of funding) they become entitled to claim housing benefits.

Pregnant students can claim housing benefits even before the baby is born, it is however, not paid until after the baby’s birth. It is advisable to apply before birth to avoid delays in the reception of the benefits.

Benefits for education and participation

Since 1. January 2011 people with children who have been granted housing benefits and are receiving child allowances, can also claim benefits for education and participation according to the federal child allowance act. The benefits will be granted primarily in form of material or service benefits.

More informations

Office for social welfare & housing Trier
Departement housing
City Hall
Am Augustinerhof, Verw. Geb. IV
54290 Trier

Phone (main office): 0651 - 718 1509

Local authorities Birkenfeld

Flat office
Schneewiesenstr. 25
55765 Birkenfeld

Phone: 06782 - 15405

Local authorities Idar-Oberstein
Living Support 
Georg-Maus-Str. 1
55743 Idar-Oberstein

Phone: 06781 - 6462-7, -8, -9
Fax: 06781 - 64448

Links to further informations

Internet: www.bmi.bund.de, Wohngeld

You can download request forms at the webpages of the financial departement of Rhineland-Palatinate(www.fm.rlp.de).

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