Semi-residential and home care

There is also the possibility of arranging semi-residential care. That means that the person in care can for example stay at home during the day but is taken to a care home to spend the night there under supervision. Vice versa is possible too. Another way to organise the semi-residential care is to that the person in care stay at the care facility only for a number of days during a month, and the rest of the month is cared for at home.

You also have the option to combine financial care benefits with material benefits and semi-residential care. Should you wish more information on these options you can contact the family service centre or your local care support service.

If you are offering home care to a relative of yours and you are providing it not as a profession but for at least 14 hours a week you are automatically insured through the governmental accident insurance.

For carers who are not offering care on a professional basis but for more than 14 hours but less than 30 hours a week, the nursing care insurance will pay contributions to their governmental retirement and social insurance.

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