Care services for the elderly

There are different services available to patients in need for care, like welfare centres or privately owned care services. They are institutions by public or private sponsorship, which help people in need of nursing care to cope in their own home.

Under certain circumstances your nursing care insurance, health insurance or social welfare will cover the costs.

The decision whether you rely on the welfare centre or a privately owned care service should not merely depend on the financial aspects.

Important facts to consider are:

  • Quality and range of services
  • Availability
  • First impression of their competence
  • Friendliness and reliability of staff

It can be beneficial during the selection process to ask around among friends, acquaintances and family to find out what experiences they have made with the local care services.

Your health insurance can also be of help. Important, however, is that you are getting active as soon as you realise there might be need for assistance in the care of your relative.

On the right hand side, you will find a link to a website, which offers a questionnaire which can help you to find the right service.

Further services:

  • Mobile therapies: this can be an option to avoid a change for the worse. It is carried out by trained nurses under medical supervision.
  • Meal services
  • Transportation and escort services
  • Cleaning services
  • Repairing and laundry services
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