Care leave

Since the 01.01.2015, new legal regulations on care have been set into effect.

Entitlement to complete or partial care leave for up to six month

Just as before, employees have the opportunity to leave work completely or reduce hours for up to six month to offer home care to a close elderly relative with a minimum care level 1. The new law now also offers the option to take up an interest-free loan with the federal ministry of family and civil responsibilities (Bundesminiterium für Familie und zivilgesellschaftliche Aufgaben) to cushionthe effect of their income loss during their leave period.

You have no claim to employers with 15 or less employees for this regulation. The employee can apply for the loan directly with the federal ministry and pay it back in instalments when returning to work. Enclosed in the loan contract is a hardship regulation. The ministry can defer the payment of the instalments for the employee to avoid causing hardship. Further the ministry has the options to abate the debts partially or completely.

For more information on care for closely related minor persons in need of care, on leave to accompany a close relative during their last months and on partial leave of up to 24 months, check out the family brochure pages 70 to 71.

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