Who works for the Equality of Treatment at Trier University of Applied Science?

Your departemental equality officers as well as the team of the central equality officers are responsible for all interests and needs relating to the topic of gender equality and diversity at the University of Applied Science Trier.

Here you may find some infomartions relating to the work of the people who are caring for equality at our University. 


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If you don't address envelopes and letters like following, they may be opened by the post office. If there is strictly confidential content, that you want to send to us, please use the following way to address the letter:

Hochschule Trier - Gleichstellungsbüro
Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld
Postfach 1380
55761 Birkenfeld

Central Equality Officer

Prof. Dr. Rita Spatz
Prof. Dr. Rita Spatz
Professorin FB Umweltplanung/Umwelttechnik - FR Informatik


+49 6782 17-1916


Birkenfeld | Building 9925 | Room 33


Nach Vereinbarung unter r.spatz@umwelt-campus.de

Equal Opportunity Plan

Equal Opportunity Plan

Legal base for the work of the Committee for Gender-related Topics

County University Law RLP, §4 Abs. 4


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