Sexual harassment

Trier University of Applied Sciences strives to create an open and enlightened working atmosphere for all employees and students. Should you nevertheless be confronted with sexual discrimination or harassment, the Equal Opportunity Office is available to advise and support you.

For an anonymous and strictly confidential initial consultation, please contact Anne Müller, Johanna Stürmer or Thorsten Wulf (see contact details on the right). In this initial consultation, which you can of course take advantage of more than once, we will jointly assess the experienced situation and you will receive information on what courses of action are possible at the university and beyond. None of the possible measures will be taken without your consent.  The initial consultation is particularly about discussing your experience. 

If, after an anonymous consultation, you decide to take the official complaint route, the Central Equal Opportunity Officer, Prof. Dr. Rita Spatz, will be consulted. Ms. Spatz will be available to advise and support you throughout the process. In the case of an official complaint, anonymity may no longer be guaranteed.

Should you wish to speak directly with Prof. Dr. Spatz, you are welcome to make an appointment through the contact information listed on the right. Of course, all your information will be treated confidentially. If you wish, the consultation can also be anonymous. Any action will only be taken with your express consent.




Prof. Dr. Rita Spatz
Prof. Dr. Rita Spatz
Professorin FB Umweltplanung/Umwelttechnik - FR Informatik


+49 6782 17-1916


Birkenfeld | Building 9925 | Room 33


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Policy against gender discrimination and sexual harassment at Trier University of Applied Sciences (german)

Medical emergency in Trier aid after rape

Trier offers a comprehensive range of care for women* who have experienced sexualized violence!

The Klinikum Mutterhaus Mitte Trier offers victims the opportunity to receive comprehensive, discreet and attentive medical care after an assault. At the patient's request, traces can then also be secured, which can be processed for forensic medicine and used for criminal prosecution in the event that charges are filed. The model project with the approach "Confidential medical assistance and care after a rape - without prior reporting to the police" originated in Frankfurt. In 2018, implementation started in the Rhineland-Palatinate cities of Mainz and Worms, followed by Koblenz in 2020 and now also in Trier.

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