Holiday program of the University of Applied Sciences

To make work / study-life balance easier to manage for all members of the university, we offer a holiday program during winter, Easter, summer and autumn holidays.

In cooperation with Campus Company, we offer exciting and varied weeks, which won’t leave anyone bored. On the campus in Trier and in Birkenfeld the children will experience colourful days with many activities planned with pedagogical expertise. The team of child carers is composed of trained nurses and carers with youth leader training. Themed weeks and excursions add to the fun.

We will inform you timely about our upcoming programs by:

  • E-mail and internal messages
  • Posters in our windows in Trier and at the environmental campus

All members of the university (students and employees) can register their children. (Children in Trier must be no younger than 4 years old, children in Birkenfeld must be no younger than 9 weeks old).  However, you should strictly mind the registration period, since registrations arriving later will not be minded anymore due to insurance reasons.

Autumn Holidays

Program Trier

Program UCB






Contact person

Thorsten Wulf
Thorsten Wulf
Beschäftigter Gleichstellungsbüro


+49 6782 17-2618


Birkenfeld | Building 9925 | Room 45
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