Childcare nearby the University

You have a chance to choose the best-fitted childcare solution from a database with kindergartens, after school clubs and youth clubs on the website for children and youth programs of Trier.

On the website of the Trier-Saarburg council, you can find a similar list of childcare options.


    The website of Idar-Oberstein offers a list with available childcare institutions, for the Birkenfeld area you can find information on kindergartens on the websites of the respective communities:

    External holiday programs

    The equality office composed a list of holiday and youth programs in Trier and Birkenfeld /Idar-Oberstein of different providers along with their contact details:

    for Trier

    Another database with offers around Trier you can also find on the website of the TriKi-Office, following this link.

    for BIR/Idar-Oberstein


    Should you require a more family-centred and flexible childcare solution or an additional option after school and kindergarten hours you can make use of a so-called day-care person.

     Day-care for children is regulated according to §43 social law VIII and requires a corresponding licences meaning day-car persons receive the license after intensive interviews, 2 home visits, the production of a medical certificate as well as a certificate of conduct and the completion of a 160 hours course on childcare. The childcare takes place at the home of the day-care person. You can contact the youth welfare service or a relevant social welfare organisation. In an interview there, your childcare needs are assessed and appropriate day-care persons are selected.

    You will be presented with contact details then and can get in touch with the day-care person of your choice. You may also be eligible for sponsorship to cover the costs. Ask your youth welfare service for an application form.

    Further Information

    Youth Welfare Service Trier
    54290 Trier
    Phone: 0651 - 718-115

    Social Service of Catholic Women
    Jutta Lenglert
    Krahnenstr. 33-34, 54290 Trier
    Phone: 0651 - 145578-191
    Mail:  lenglert(at)

    Youth Welfare Service Birkenfeld
    Kreisverwaltung Birkenfeld
    Schneewiesenstraße 25
    55765 Birkenfeld
    Phone: 06782 - 15-0


    Youth Welfare Service Idar-Oberstein
    Michael Schweizer
    Georg-Maus-Straße 1
    55743 Idar-Oberstein
    Phone: 06781 - 64-0
    Fax: 06781 - 6444-5
    Mail: jugendamt(at)

    Toddler care for parents by parents in Trier

    The “flea circus” is a club by parenting students to organise reciprocal childcare at the University of Trier. The maximum amount of childcare offered here is 20 hours per week.

    Requirements to use this offer:

    • At least 5 hours a week you agree to mind children along with another parent
    • You are willing to hold an office within the club
    • You agree top ay a contribution of 30€ a month to cover expenses for food and hygienic articles

    There are always at least two parents present. The timetable for your care-time is agreed upon at the beginning of the semester. This is also when the number of children attending is agreed.

    The club offers childcare for children from 6 months to 3 years. The club is accessible for all, including students of the University of Applied Sciences Trier.

    Further Information

    „Flea circus“
    Universität Trier
    Universitätsring 15
    54296 Trier

    Phone: 0651 - 201252-9

    Mail: flohzirkus(at)


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