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Summer Academy 2024 at the Idar-Oberstein campus

Every summer, the Idar-OberSTEIN campus opens its workshops to jewellery designers and students from all over the world. In fourteen different workshops led by renowned artists, you can discover new artistic horizons and learn techniques that you can use in your own professional practice.

The two-week programme offers you the opportunity to choose your own focus and take part in one or two workshops.
The workshops are offered by teachers from Afghanistan, Belgium, Germany, Georgia, Italy and Estonia.
The International Summer Academy creates an intercultural learning platform through an intensive exchange between participants from all over the world.

Each year we have welcomed participants from over 15 countries. 

Week 1 from 19 - 23 Aug 2024
CAD with Tanja Falkenhayner
Material Song with Peter Vermandere
Photography with Manuel Ocaña Mascaro
Stone cutting with Silvia Bellia
Stone faceting with Amir H. Nawrozzadeh
Stone sculpting withLevan Jishkariani
Stone setting with Kira Fritsch

Week 2 from 26 - 30 Aug 2024
Casting with Peter Vermandere
Enamelling with Danni Schwaag
Filigree with Susanne Matsché
Stone cutting with Silvia Bellia
Stone engraving with Julia Maria Künnap
Stone faceting with Amir H. Nawrozzadeh
Stone sculpting with Levan Jishkariani

You can find more information about the Summer Academy in Idar-Oberstein here (The information is only available in English).

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Arbeiten von Peter Vermandere
Arbeit von Susanne Matsché
Arbeit von Silvia Bellia
Arbeit von Amir Nawrozzadeh
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Arbeit von Levan Jishkariani
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