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New publication: Rockstars Idar-Oberstein

The catalogue "Rockstars Idar-Oberstein", which accompanies the exhibition of the same name at Schütt in Pforzheim, has been published recently by arnoldsche Art Publishers.

ROCKstars presents works that revolve around the eternal material in jewellery: They are declarations of love, experimental snapshots or rebellious works around gemstones. At Campus Idar-Oberstein, the newcomers to the jewellery scene have dedicated themselves to an intensive study focusing on the material stone.
Idar-Oberstein - international trading centre for precious stones of all kinds and at the same time a secluded university town - is the rehearsal room where existing structures are blown up and progressive designs are developed. At SCHÜTT students and alumni perform as ROCKstars with contemporary jewellery, which not only shows the material gemstone in unexpected and unconventional ways, but at the same time redefines a centuries-old aesthetics.

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