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Brooches in dialogue between the past and the avant-garde

Brosche. Deutschland. Um 1860. Polierter Stahl. Foto von Uwe Dettmar. Sonia Pibernat. Brosche "Positiver Widerspruch". 2023. 750/000 Gold. Foto von Sonia Pibernat.

12 graduates from Trier University of Applied Sciences, specialising in gemstones and jewellery in Idar-Oberstein were invited to enter into a dialogue with a historical brooch. Using new materials and the technical possibilities of our time, exciting creations on the subject of brooch jewellery were created.

Works by contemporary jewellery artists build a bridge to today: Sharareh Aghaei (MFA 2027), Catalina Brenes (MFA 2016), Patrícia Domingues (MFA 2014), Natascha Frechen (MFA 2022), Tatjana Giorgadse (Dipl. 2012), Mira Kim (MFA 2019), Felicia Mülbaier (MFA 2019), Julia Obermaier (BFA 2016), Sonia Pibernat (MFA 2018), Constanza Salinas (MFA 2022), Danni Schwaag (Dipl. 2008) and Edu Tarín (MFA 2015). 

Almost 150 historical brooches from a German private collection spanning three centuries provide an impressive insight into the development of pin jewellery, taking into account the different fashions. The diverse design approaches are impressive: floral decoration, figurative scenes, portraits, architectural and landscape depictions were realised in the smallest format in line with the general fashion. The selected exhibits reflect Classicism, the Victorian era, the Belle Époque, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Modernism, which began after 1945.

Thursday, 2 November 2023 to Sunday, 7 April 2024

in the German Goldsmiths' House Hanau
Old Town Market 6
63450 Hanau
Telephone: +49 6181 256556

Information on the graduates' theses can be found here. 


Howell, James & Co. 1819-1911. Pin jewelry. London, UK. Around 1830. 585/000 yellow gold, peridot stones, hair insert. Photo: Uwe Dettmar Edu Tarin. Brooch “Joia”. 2023. Yellow Jasper, nylon. Photo: Nima Ashrafi
Otto Klein & Co. Brosche. 1909-2011. Hanau, D. 1970. Fensteremail, Diamanten, Rubine. Foto: Uwe Dettmar. Julia Obermaier, Brosche "ABLOOM". 2023. Bergkristall, Achat, Gießharz, Pigment, rostfreier Stahl. Foto: Julia Obermaier
Tatiana Giorgadse, Natascha Frechen, Danni Schwaag, Julia Obermaier, Sharareh Aghaei, Catalina Brenes, Mira Kim (von links nach rechts.)
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