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Exhibition of BKV Prize in Munich

Jasmin Schlesiger: Form_Fazit I-V | Lime wood, pigment, laquer, steel | © Jasmin Schlesiger

Congratulations to the selected finalists Sihui Li (BFA 2022), Julia Obermaier (BFA 2016 ) and Jasmin Schlesiger (MFA).


The BKV Prize for Young Arts and Crafts, which was first awarded in 2006, was held for the seventeenth time this year, with a total of 78 entries from 21 countries. The works of the winners and finalists can be seen from 21 April to 20 May in the BKV Gallery in Munich.

Bayerischer Kunstgewerbeverein

Sihui Li

Julia Obermaier

Jasmin Schlesiger

Julia Obermaier: Verborgen | Clear quartz, pigment, resin, silver
Sihui Li: #1 | Necklace | Basalt, nylon wire | 2022
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