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Jewellery Collective Dar Дар at the Brussels Jewellery Week

The graduate collective Dar Дар will be exhibiting at Brussels Jewellery Week from April 25 to 28, 2024.

The collective, consisting of Elena Gorbunova, Susie Heuberger and Biljana Klekackoska, will be exhibiting together for the third time at BJW 2024. The three graduates from the Idar-Oberstein campus met during their studies at the university and stayed in touch afterwards.

They write about themselves:

"We are three graduates from the jewelry school in Idar-Oberstein: Elena Gorbunova from Russia , Bibi Klekachkoska from Macedonia, and Susie Heuberger from Mexico. We met in the stone valley and share a love for crafting jewelry and working with stones. As graduates from the same school, we also discovered that we share a vibe in our work and personalities. During a dinner, we found out that in our three mother languages, we have the same word: 'Dar.' This word means giving or gifting, and it sounds the same in our three languages. Inspired by this coincidence, we got the idea of giving, sharing, and collaborating through our medium – jewelry – and created the collective Dar Дар. We share with each other and with you our imagination in tangible form. We believe that when we share imagination, we are co-creating a reality of togetherness."

The exhibition is open from April 25 to 28 from 10:30 to 18:00. The vernissage will take place on April 25 from 16:00 to 22:00.

Address: Oude Graanmarkt 5, Rue du Vieux Marché-aux-Grains 1000 in Brussels


Susie Heuberger has also been selected for the exhibition 'Particles', which will be on display at MAD Brussels from April 25 to May 5, 2024.

Address: MAD Brussels, 10 Place du Nouveau Marché-aux-Grains, Nieuwgranenmarkt 10 in 1000 Brussels

Susie Heuberger
Elena Gorbunova
Bibi Klekachkoska
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