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51st German Jewellery and Gemstone Award and 32nd German Young Talent Competition for Gemstone and Jewellery Design Idar-Oberstein 2021

[Translate to Englisch:] Nazanin Jabbarian © Deutscher Schmuck- und Edelsteinpreis

Two students from Idar-Oberstein are among this year's prize winners: Nazanin Jabbarian (BFA) receives a commendation for the German Jewellery and Gemstone Award 2021 and Sihui Li (BFA) wins the second prize of the Young Talent Competition.


"Into the Light" was the theme of the 51st German Jewellery and Gemstone Award.

Nazanin Jabbarian created a pendant made of white gold, acrylic, diamonds and silk cord.

"When the sun shines through the ice, the ice shines like a diamond. And when it melts, drops of water fall to the ground like diamonds. (...) The diamonds are separated by black acrylic, symbolising the bridge from darkness to light. (...) For me, these black planes represent the hard times of my life that I went through and how I came back to the light after overcoming those hard times."

Nazanin Jabbarian received a commendation from the jury for her work.


The theme of the young talent competition this year was "Fragile - handle with care".

Sihui Li wins with her brooch "After Broken.... I" made of agate and steel wins the second prize. 

"For me, these two stones express what is left behind when a person is broken - spirit and bones. In nature, a body slowly decays to a skeleton that remains for a long time. And while a human being is alive, the spirit is the skeleton that is hidden in the shell of the human being and supports their life. The human being is fragile. In any case, any human being can break from the contingencies of fate. But don't worry, as long as the skeleton, the spirit, remains, it can integrate the broken parts and slowly make them whole again. The brooches may look fragile, but they are strong enough to withstand any embrace."

Congratulations to the two winners!


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