Yuxi Sun MFA

Master-Thesis: "UcIc Art Jewellery - a Virtual Gallery and an Art Jewellery Centre"

Supervision: Prof. Ute Eitzenhöfer, Prof. Eva-Maria Kollischan, Prof. Theo Smeets




Since it’s a project mostly about interacting with the audience, connecting with artists and marketing research, we couldn’t make the detailed plan without working on it, so we tried to find our flow, make the change, adjust the situation to the practical decision through our daily work, feedback from audience and up-to-date research from our target market.


About Platform itself

  1. Language
  • We were ambitious at the beginning that we wanted to launch UcIc in both Chinese and English so that we could reach as much audience as possible. No, it’s impossible for us, we struggled about the beauty and difficulties of translating one language into another at the same time. Hence, we decided to keep in Chinese only for now.
  • On WeChat, since It’s an app that people use fragment time to absorb information, we keep our language simple, humorous and trendy. When we moved on to our annual version printing version, where we revised all the involved articles as our target audience is changed.
  1. Lifestyle image

On our selling line, we requested not only numbers of product shoot and pieces on body photos from the artists, we also asked the pieces shot in a life vibe. We believe in the wearability in our selected art pieces, and it’s our way to provoke the wearable art, to show the audience art jewelley can become a part of our daily life.

  1. Layout

Many things have changed since we constantly published our original articles one and half year ago, such as the size of text, the editing on images, the portion of images and text, the background music, etc, we improve our way of layout in order to provide a better reading experience through the phone screen for our audience.

  1. Content

All subjects are related to art and jewellery, but the types of article were enlarged through the time in order to feed wider range of audience, from monthly artist recommendation, conversation about artist, exhibition review, wearable pieces offer to book recommendation, opportunity sharing, jewellery artist’ photography project, translated articles, etc. All contents are filtered based on our first-hand resources.

  1. Revenue Stream

We were mostly expecting the selling commission at the beginning, but we also developed the possibilities of article donation, book selling and selling derivative products. We also expect in the near future that we can collaborate with various workshops and fair organizations that we can advertise the event on our platform.

About Artist

This is a long process of realization, we are learning the different characters about each artist and learning to understand if they are perfect for selling collaboration or are perfect as samples to popularise the idea of art jewellery. Furthermore, the way of working with each artist is also different, we are remarking individually for each artist in order to create the sustainable collaboration. At least, we know the importance of thinking ahead and preparing as much as possible especially when we deal with artists.

About Selling

Our selling skill is definitely growing from each sale. In terms to pieces selling - wrapping, packing, shipping, insurance for each country, those kinds of general information are also fulfilled.

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