Semester fees and charges

Semester fee (regular)

the semester fee for students from the 1st semester onwards you will find here:
Information for master students​​​​​​​


The current semester fee for the gemstone and jewellery courses is 217,00 € for first enrollees. This is the sum of the following amounts:

  • ASTA: 16,00 € 
  • Semester ticket: 176,40€
  • Chip card: 23,00€
  • Delivery fee: 1,60€

Please pay only after request!

After checking your documents, you will receive an explicit request for payment by e-mail with the corresponding transfer details.
Please note that the bank transfer can take up to 5 days even for online transfers.

second study fee

A second course of study is the acquisition of a second university degree that is thematically and formally independent of the first course of study, e.g. a further Bachelor's degree in another subject. The first Master's degree after a Bachelor's degree (or several) is not a second degree. A further Master's degree after a Master's degree, however, is. In these cases, a fee of € 700 per semester is charged in addition to the semester fee. Students on leave of absence for the duration of their leave of absence are exempt from the tuition fee.

Fee for the master in further education

The Master's programme in further education is subject to an additional tuition fee on top of the regular semester fees.

The tuition fee is 21.00 € per ECTS credit point. A semester with 30 ECTS thus costs 630.00 €; the complete Master's programme 2,520.00 €.

Workshop contribition

For all students of the study courses gemstone and jewellery a contribution of 60,00 €/sem. for expendables in the workshops will be charged. You will receive information on the payment method and deadline at the beginning of the semester.

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