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The Campus of Art and Design develops its own TV format

On 18.12.2019 the time has come: "Die Campus-WG", the first official television format of the University of Applied Sciences Trier, starts and celebrates its premiere with the pilot episode.

At the beginning of October, the campus design of backdrops and props was put a great deal of effort into setting up a large film studio. After several trial days, the pilot was successfully filmed.

With the committed commitment of 20 participating students it was possible to create the format of the Campus TV for the University of Trier and fill it with life. In addition to the classic tasks of a campus television - information, matters specific to the university and presentation of the university - the Campus-WG goes one step further and turns it into an entertainment show with studio guests, competitions, comedy and contributions covering the full range of good and relevant entertainment. There is room for innovative, informative, essential, controversial, university policy and much more - in short, "Infotainment at it's Best".

The idea came from Prof. Servet Ahmet Golbol, who had already experimented with this format during his time at the German-Jordanian University in Jordan. After his appointment at the University of Trier, he succeeded in founding a student editorial office in his field of study Intermedia Design. The idea of a programme "by students for students" quickly attracted further comrades-in-arms, so that the editorial team is now made up of students from a wide range of disciplines.

The aim of the TV format is to reach and address all university members - students, lecturers and employees - as well as prospective students by means of digital distribution such as social media and video streams. In this way, the Trier University of Applied Sciences and the Campus Design are to become known and visible as an attractive and creative place to study across Trier and the region.

At the same time, the students involved in the production can gain important practical experience for their professional lives. They can use the programme to communicate, learn the craft of film, develop new topics in teamwork and work in a structured and self-responsible manner. These skills offer a wide field of experimentation and optimal preparation for the future world of work.

With the premiere of the pilot programme on 18.12.2019, the regularly appearing TV series, which deals dynamically, freshly and unconventionally with current university topics, will start.

Opening Ceremony
and visit of the film studio with WG scenery

Wednesday, 18.12.2019, 19 o'clock
On Campus of Art and Design / Irminenfreihof - Mensa and Q 128


Project management and support
Prof. Servet Ahmet Golbol
Subject area Intermedia Design, Subject area: Narrative Formats

Student Moderators
Céline Maveau and Richard Schott

Student Editorial Office
Student Project Manager: Philipp Köhn (
Nikolas Altmeyer, Lukas Busch, Cagatay Cicektas, Jonas Eiden, Manoel Flesch, Jaron Frick, Markus Heidchen, Virginia Keßler, Felix Köcher, Stefanie Leisen, Jeane Marc-Thelen, Céline Maveau, Lynn Pinto, Richard Schott, Katharina Sologub, Lars Steiner, Kevin Tan, Yannick Uhl, Alisha Vogeler, Lukas Blumann, Michele Mathieu, Vasily Kotov, Sascha Nyenhuis, Julia Oßweiler, Bastian Schmidt, Joshua Ternes, Lilian Toase

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Image: Baraa Rajab Basha
Image: Baraa Rajab Basha
Image: Baraa Rajab Basha
Image: Baraa Rajab Basha
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