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Prof. Anna Bulanda-Pantalacci receives Honorary Award of the City of Trier

International Symposium 2018 at the Design and Culture Days Trier. Prof. Bulanda-Pantalacci welcomes international guests (5th from left). Photo: Marco Piecuch

Every two years, the City of Trier awards the Honorary Prize for Culture to personalities who have rendered outstanding services to cultural life in Trier over many years. This year, Anna Bulanda-Pantalacci will be awarded the honorary prize. The artist and professor at Trier University of Applied Sciences has long been committed to Trier's culture, especially in a cross-border context. The award ceremony will take place on 8 June in the auditorium of the Campus Gestaltung on Paulusplatz.

Head of Cultural Affairs Markus Nöhl emphasises: "Anna Bulanda-Pantalacci is an impressive personality. She always thinks of the artistic and the social together. In doing so, cultural work takes on a central task: culture connects. For Ms Bulanda-Pantalacci, her work is particularly about cross-border networking, internationality and intercultural understanding. This applies to her personality as well as her artistic and pedagogical practice. A city like Trier, with its immediate border location in the heart of Europe, needs this commitment. But it is also fundamental in our current times, in which peaceful coexistence is needed more than ever. I am therefore particularly pleased to present Anna Bulanda-Pantalacci with the Honorary Award of the City of Trier on behalf of the City of Trier."

Anna Bulanda-Pantalacci studied advertising in Minsk near Warsaw and art history at the Academy of Arts in Krakow, where she graduated with a diploma as a book illustrator as well as a master's degree. At the University of Bonn she studied art history, folklore and comparative religion. Since 1999, Anna Bulanda-Pantalacci has been teaching at Trier University of Applied Sciences in the Department of Design in the Communication Design course. Today, she is head of the institute and professor of artistic design and acts as the cultural representative of Trier University of Applied Sciences. In addition, she directs numerous art education study and special projects in Germany and abroad, which are always characterised by an intercultural perspective. For example, in 2007 she founded the university network "Cross Border Network of History and Arts", which organises cross-border research projects, conducts research in the field of creative, holistic pedagogy and deals with culturally and historically significant European topics.

In 2016, it brought the "FreedomBus", a "university laboratory on wheels" to Trier. Participants from 16 countries travelled with the "FreedomBus" from Krakow to Trier, lived intercultural, artistic exchange, dealt with European identities and cultural heritage and dealt with political and social issues on the way. In 2017, Bulanda-Pantalacci founded the further education institute "INTRARE" at Trier University of Applied Sciences, which promotes an international and intercultural exchange of knowledge and cooperates with partner colleges and universities throughout Europe.

The decision to award Anna Bulanda-Pantalacci the honorary prize was already taken by the Departmental Committee III in November 2021. Due to the pandemic situation, the ceremony with the presentation of the prize was postponed to the summer of 2022.

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Trier 2016 - Performance group "Landgang" at the Porta Nigra. Freedombus Tour Station Trier
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