Bling it


Bling it

Urban Mining with waste materials from the diamond tool industry in Idar-Oberstein
Lena Bonsack, Mengyuan Feng, Jingyi Fu, Gülçe Kulaç, Julia Plura, Helena Renner, Nadja Stefer, Miriam Strake, Hyeyeon Yun

Sofie Boons, Julia Wild, Carolin Denter

Project typ
BFA semester project, summer semester 2023 and winter semester 2023/24

Project cooperation Effgen Lapport Schleiftechnik / Günter Effgen GmbH

Bling it

Bling it

For many years the production of diamond tools has revolutionised industrial processes ranging from the automotive industry to the gem trade. Lab grown diamond powders used for faceting, for example, attract higher prices than the natural material. However, until today the techniques used to produce these tools have not been widely applied as creative techniques and its waste remains stored in small and large diamond tooling companies. Furthermore, the use of lab grown diamonds (or ‘synthetics’ as they are called in the industry) remains a highly contested subject in the jewellery field.

Project Aims

The aim of the project is to provide students with the background necessary to engage in an initial critical investigation of the concept and social construct of value in relation to material culture in contemporary European society. This through the creation of a jewellery design, utilising diamond waste materials innovatively and by producing a supporting artist manifesto.

This project will provide students with a general overview of the use and value of man-made diamond through examples of industrial and aesthetic applications and context. The project will also cover a select example of the waste materials that result from the processes used in the creation or working of these materials. To provide students with an understanding of urban mining concepts, the students will be introduced to the techniques these materials could be used for, and will be encouraged to come up with their own (if possible) application.

Sofie Boons

"Bling it" is part of Sofie Boons' PHD research.

The project is a cooperation with the local diamond tool company Effgen Lapport Schleiftechnik / Günter Effgen GmbH.


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