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On AiR

On AiR

7 July - 8 October at Villa Bengel

The exhibition "On AiR" shows the Artist in Residence Collection from 2006 to 2023.  

Greeting from the exhibition catalogue:

We are very pleased to present the continuation of the Artist in Residence - Programme at the Villa Bengel Foundation. Despite the pandemic and a major fire at the Gems and Jewellery Department, the programme was able to continue almost without interruption. During the pandemic, only a few visits by jewellery artists were cancelled and, if possible, these will be made up for shortly. As in the first catalogue, we are more than aware of the benefits of this programme now that we have overcome major challenges and we are very grateful for the opportunity to continue the programme with the usual quality and frequency. Our interest lies first of all in the exchange between internationally recognised jewellery artists and the students and teachers of the gemstone and jewellery department. An important element here are the workshops and lectures held at the Department of Gemstone and Jewellery and the resulting intensive discussions with and among the students.

In the years 2015 to 2022, a wide variety of artistic approaches were also guests at Villa Bengel, and the jewellery artists each gave a piece to our collection as a permanent loan. With this publication, we would like to thank the artists for their contribution and the Villa Bengel Foundation for the opportunity to continue this programme.


Jivan Astfalck: The Sphinx of Idar Photo: Cornelia Wruck

Works by

Jivan Astfalck, Volker Atrops, Kätrin Beljaev, Helen Britton, Monika Brugger, Gemma Draper, Petr Dvorak, Annette Ehinger, Beate Eismann, Kathleen Fink, Jantje Fleischhut, Ulo Florack, Brice Garret, Tamara Grüner, Gesine Hackenberg, Rebecca Hannon, Castello Hansen, Piret Hirv, Ulrike Kämpfert, Lauren Kalman, Jiro Kamata, Beppe Kessler, Beate Klockmann, Julia-Maria Künnap, Teresa Lane, Typhaine Le Monnier, Bety Majernikova, Tasso Mattar, Christine Matthias, Jo McAllister, Judy McCaig, Florian Milker, Katharina Moch, Julie Mollenhauer, Claudia Silveira Oliveira, Ou Jiun You, Jaanika Pajuste, Katja Prins, Uli Rapp, Ulrich Reithofer, Denise-Julia Reytan, Deborah Rudolph, Danni Schwaag, Karin Seufert, Sondra Sherman, Vera Siemund, Peter Skubic, Arnaud Sprimont, Monika Strasser, Claudia Stebler, Kyoco Taniyama, Silke Trekel, Kertu Tuberg, Julia Turner, Tarja Tuupanen, Flora Vagi, Octave Vendeweghe, Peter Vermandere, Estela Saez Vilanova, Luzia Vogt, Andrea Wagner, Julia Walter, Silvia Weidenbach, Francis Willemstijn

When & Where

The exhibition opening takes place on 

6 July 2023 at 6:30 pm CEST

at Villa Bengel, Wilhelmstr. 44, 55743 Idar-Oberstein 

and live on Instagram @jakobbengel

You can visit the exhibition during the opening times of the Industrial Monument Jakob Bengel.


The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue:
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