Vendula Fabianova MFA

Master-Thesis: "Perceptual Synergy of Body and Object"

Supervision: Prof. Ute Eitzenhöfer, Prof. Eva-Maria Kollischan


"Understanding the body as a whole, unique embodiment is bringing different perception for the one working with the body as part of an artistic creation and action. When creating objects ment for interaction with the human body, it is important to recognize the human body as the medium the object will approach.
A piece of jewellery has great potential in interacting with the body. It changes the perception; it reacts to the body as well as the body reacts to the object. This is creating an interactive language. [...]
As a maker, I can give body to a thought, idea, emotion or a feeling. Therefor, we can understand the interaction of a person with a piece like an interaction of two bodies, two subjects. The piece has a presence on the body and together they create a new appearance in dialog between each other. Synergy between object and the body can be part of a personal performance, a mask or a personal ritual. It can bring one to a different presence in a space.
In our society, we can understand jewellery as an instrument or a social mask for the performance on a theatre stage of everyday life. A worn piece of jewellery is becoming an extension of the body and mind; on a physical, aesthetical and conceptual level."


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