Petr Dvorak MFA

Master-Thesis: "Joy in and with jewellery"

Supervision: Prof. Ute Eitzenhöfer, Prof. Eva-Maria Kollischan, Prof. Theo Smeets

"Pascal Mercier complained of the loudness of the pronouncements about success and failure, about competition and ratings – and that in instances where they had no place. The culture that he yearned for would be a calm culture, a culture of stillness, in which things would be so fashioned as to help everybody find their voice. He also spoke of a fantastic utopia of a fantast; for my part, I would hope that it becomes a fundamental issue in the near future33.

The numerous studies and research projects in the recent past have clearly shown to an increasing degree that our best talents develop when we are at play (Gerald Hüther), i.e. in those instances where joy is a natural companion. It offers a manner of living that permits us to develop our potential to the full. Indeed it extends still further, enabling us to introduce processes of social change, where regardless of the task each individual finds an appropriate place to exercise his/her true potential.

We live in a comparatively rich society, albeit an imperfect society, to put things mildly. A society that takes the liberty of preventing millions of productive people from participating in the development process of their states.

Thus far, we have never had a system that recognises people and all their needs as the most important component in our cultures. Thus far, we have only had the ‘good fortune’ to live under doctrines determined by religion or economics, which aimed at subjugating the best for man to their own alien aims. On account of that or possibly just because of that, we should remain optimistic and think in optimistic terms as we hope and strive to attain the next more humane development on earth.

Strange though it may seem, that very same logic is contained in my jewellery. Whether it is to be seen or felt is something I leave to the beholder – or better still, to the person wearing my jewellery. Nothing less than the above thoughts passed through my mind as I designed my jewellery, the central aim of which was directed towards women."

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