Mavash Salim Raza MFA


Supervision: Prof. Ute Eitzenhöfer, Prof. Eva-Maria Kollischan, Prof. Theo Smeets


"The existence of memories and everyday objects in one’s life, binds them into an intimate relationship with a specific space. 
But what makes these spaces special? I believe that it is the presence of cherished memories and objects that surround them. Human beings have a need to posses something- a need for ownership-a need of a space and all that makes this space special. We fill the space up with our collection of objects- the objects that help build up memories. Together, these objects and memories narrate the stories that make the space what it is in its present state. What we ‘had’ and what we ‘have’ make the space important for us. If this ‘Space’ is snatched away suddenly, one feels detached and dislocated. To get through this feeling, one tries to fill up the new space they occupy with memories and objects that link their past and their present. Without these objects and memories of comfort, one will be lost for a long time, in the strange environment. Therefore, the need to survive in the new surrounding, one brings the past together with the present forming a new ‘Space’ that makes them feel at ‘Home’. Eventually a new thread of narratives, about the current ‘Space’, is woven."


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