Levan Jishkariani MFA

Master-Thesis: "Ruler"

Supervision: Julia Wild M.A., Prof. Theo Smeets


"The hardness of the stone, the function of the stone, the places of connection, transitions, surfaces of matter...
The body as the basic form and the pieces that adapt to the body.
They should become a part of the supporting body and at the same time create disturbing or cosy feelings.
Socially organised structures were the starting point for my research.
As well as to question myself, what influence this theme has on me and thus also on my works.
Which social rules have changed me, which have I adapted to? How do we find ourselves as individuals?
What changes us and what if one does not want to adapt?
Impulse of this idea influences me. The transformation of thought into matter; is it reflected in work?
To what extent was this inspired by the language of form, the choice of things, or the self-process of the work?
How do I react with the material? What does the feeling associated with the idea tell me?
Do I try to fit in? Do I guide myself? Am I guided by the material? "


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