Study Semester "Civil Engineering"

Study Semester at the department of civil engineering

A study semester will most probably be offered from summer semester 2020 onwards.

Study Semester Program:

  • 3-months Study Semester (end of March to beginning of July)
  • All modules, lab work and projects taught in English
  • Fully credited with 30 ECTS points per semester
  • On the Bachelor’s level we offer a German language course and 6 technical courses
  • Please contact the foreign student advisor Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michél Bender




Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michél Bender
foreign student advisor


Irrigation & Drainage Engineering (5 ECTS)

The students will learn to design agricultural irrigation and drainage systems in cooperation with agricultural engineers and farmers and understand human, political, ecological and overall water management requirements in southern European and developing countries.

Civil Engineering Project (8 ECTS)

The students will learn to plan, investigate, execute and manage an in-depth study for a civil engineering project and prepare a detailed final report. After an introduction to the elements of independent investigation and project management, the students will identify a civil engineering problem or project and develop a project plan.  

Software Development for Civil Engineering Tasks (5 ECTS)

The students will learn to work with the programming language Excel VBA to implement an application which solves a simple civil engineering task. They will get to know all important elements of the programming language Excel VBA and the basic methods and algorithms for efficient programming of applications.

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