Information for Prospective Students

General Student Advising

The general student advising offers advice and orientation if you have any questions, such as:

  • if you want to study at a university, at all,
  • if your planned studies are also the right ones and
  • how you can prepare yourself for this before you start your studies,
  • whether you can cancel a course of study that you have already enrolled in, and
  • on the possibility of a change of direction of study.


Contact General Student Advising

Thomas Henner, administrative management (TU)

Phone +49 651 8103-335

Christian Clemens, administration specialist

Phone +49 651 8103 529


General advising on courses

The student advising service provides advice on

  • specific study requirements,
  • specific study contents (modules) and
  • degrees and postgraduate studies.

Contact for Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes (in geman)


How to finance your studies


You can find more information on financial study assistance here (in german).


Contact for Prospective Students

University of Applied Sciences Trier
Study Service Building G
54293 Trier

You will find the study service at the main campus in building G between the entrance to the Aula and the lecture halls.
You can reach our service point by phone on 0651 8103 -335 or by fax on 0651 8103 - 314.

Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday from 9:30-12.00 and from 13:00-15:00  
Fridays only by previous appointment.

Team and responsibilities:
Staff of the Student Services Department

Contact: Staff of the study service department

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