Team Informationssicherheit

Awareness: Use software safely

Follow our tips to prevent software from becoming a gateway for cyber attacks.

To ensure that your devices and the software products you use do not become a gateway for cyber attacks, please note the following:

  • Always update your devices and software products as soon as an update is available. Whenever possible, switch on the automatic update function of the products.
  • Remove unnecessary software from your computer or have it removed by the data centers.
  • Get rid of applications that are no longer being actively developed and therefore no longer receive security updates.
  • Only obtain required applications directly from the manufacturer and its website. On mobile devices, only use the official app stores.
  • On company issued devices only use software required for your job.
  • Before installing new applications, check which data the software accesses and which authorizations are required. Regulate the granting of authorizations as strictly as possible.

Switching from Windows 10 to Windows 11

Microsoft will end support for Windows 10 on 14 October 2025. From this date, there will no longer be any security updates for Windows 10 (this applies to all editions). The use of devices with Windows 10 in the university's networks will then no longer be permitted. Please check in good time whether new devices may need to be purchased, as not all hardware is suitable for running Windows 11. The Microsoft testing tool provides the relevant information.


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