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What does this site offer me?

Within a research project, it may be necessary to search for specific types of sources such as legal texts, university publications, or standards documents. Separate research options are often available for them.

Use ...

  • the following link collections to search for such specific sources.
  • the database information system DBIS, in order to search there independently for specific database types (e.g. image, facts, dissertations) via the extended search mask.

Special types

Facts and Statistics
Legislative and Judicial Texts
Preprints and Working Papers
  • arXiv.org
    subjects: computer science, mathematics, physics, biology, statistics etc.
  • EconStor
    subject: economics
  • LawArXiv
    subject: law
  • SlideShare
    exchange platform for presentations, infographics and other documents
University Publications (Dissertations etc.)

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