General information on library use

The Library of the Main Campus is open to all members of Trier University of Applied Sciences and to all interested citizens of the region. The user area is freely accessible.

To borrow media or to use the ILL service, a user registration is required.

The following overview contains the most important information about registration.

Information: registration

Registration and Costs
  • Background

    To borrow media from the library or to use the inter-library loan service, you must be registered as a library user.
  • Members of the University of Applied Sciences Trier (students, staff)

    Please come to the service counter of the library. To register, we need your student or staff ID. You can immediately borrow media after signing up.

    Your student or staff card serves as a library card. (Note to staff: if you do not have a staff card, you will receive a library card.)

    There are no charges.

  • External users (non-members of Trier University of Applied Sciences)

    Please come to the service counter of the library. To register, we need your valid personal ID card or a passport with registration confirmation from the registration office. You can immediately borrow media after signing up.

    As an external user, you will receive a library card.


    a) The first issuance of a user card is free of charge, each additional copy costs 5.00 EUR.
    b) The annual usage fee is 10,00 EUR. For pupils it is 5.00 EUR.

    With the registration you accept the library regulations. You can see the order in the library where it is posted on the front door of the library. It is also available for download on this website.

    Please note:

    External users can only access the contents of the databases licensed by the Trier UAS on library computers.

ID and Password

With your registration you will receive an identifier and a password. You need them to access your personal user account.

  • identification = matriculation / service / library card number
  • password (default) = your six-digit date of birth (e.g. 010195)

Please change your password immediately after your registration:

  1. Open the online catalogue of the library.
  2. Select the "Account" tab and log in with your preset data.
  3. You will be asked to enter a new password (ten to twelve characters).
  4. Confirm your new password.
ID card loss
  • all users

    Please report the loss as soon as possible by phone or e-mail so we can block your loan account. External users will receive a new ID card at the service counter of the library; the fees for the new card are 5.00 EUR.


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