HoloBrand is a co-locative serious game in development for the HoloLens. The subject matter is product market placement. Co-locative means that it is a multi-player game taking place in the same physical space. The game is a joint development between the computer science departments (responsible: Prof. Dr. Christoph Lürig) and the economics department (responsible: Prof. Dr. Jörg Gutsche).

Co-locative AR Games combine the advantages of a board game with a computer game. The advantage of the board game is being able to talk to several people in a common room and to be able to discuss things on the playing field. The advantage of the computer game is the possibility of an automated simulation, which has to be carried out by hand in a board game. Furthermore, it is easier to display private information in a computer game (fog of war). In board games, this is often approximated with playing cards. In a co-locative AR experience, this can be technically implemented by all players seeing similar but not exactly the same information.

Similar to Liquid Marx, this is an attempt to implement relatively abstract facts as a serious game.



Nomination as Finalist for Serious Game Showcase and Challenge 2022
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