Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (M.Sc.)

Data-driven applications and decision making are becoming crucial parts of our daily activities, both in businesses of all kinds as well as in public institutions. To be able to make use of the rapidly growing amount of available data, well-trained specialists are highly sought after. Data science as a new field of science has emerged, which consolidates contributions from computer science, mathematics, statistics, and the respective application domains.

Methods of articifial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are at the core of data science projects. They allow for the discovery of patterns and structures in large, heterogeneous data sets, and enable users to create value from the extracted information.

In the master's programme "Artificial Intelligence and Data Science", we promote the development of data science with a focus on AI technologies. In this program, we enable students to work in highly-skilled positions in artificial intelligence and data science, both in professional as well as in academic settings. The programme combines application-oriented modules with solid theoretical foundations.

The programme is offered exclusively in German. Further information can be found here.


Master of Science (M.Sc.)

Beginning of the programme
winter and summer semester

Length of Programme
4 semesters

Access Requirements

Place of study
Main Campus Trier, Schneidershof

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