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Three graduates nominated for "Art Jewellery by Young Talents at the Museum" award of the Internationale Gesellschaft der Freunde des Schmuckmuseums Pforzheim e.V.

Nominated for "Art Jewellery by Young Talents at the Museum" are Tamia Dellinger (MFA 2022), Sihui Li (BFA 2022) and Valérie Wagner (MFA 2020). The jury will select a winner on 04 October 2022. We wish our graduates lots of success!

The International Society of Friends of the Pforzheim Jewellery Museum (ISSP) awards the "Art Jewellery by Young Talents at the Museum" prize annually to young jewellery artists whose work is to be acknowledged and promoted. Jewellery pieces of the winner are purchased for the Modern Collection of the Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim.

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© Tamia Dellinger: The Conference | Necklace | Cotton, silver, onyx, salt, iron oxide, dragon's blood, ink | 2022
© Sihui Li: #15-1 and #15-2 | Two brooches | Clear quartz, steel | 2022
© Valérie Wagner: Profondeurs | Necklace | Falcon eye, basalt, cotton, polyester yarn | 2020 | Photos: Martín Carreño (Studio) / Karin Aubart (Portrait)
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