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Silvia Bellia (MFA) awarded at "Legnica International Jewellery Competition"

Silvia Bellia, Brooch "Amigdala", PLA, Silver, Stainless Steel, 2021.

Master's graduate Silvia Bellia wins the prize of the International Amber Association.

The "Legnica International Jewellery Competition" took place for the 29th time this year. A total of 186 artists from 35 countries submitted works on the theme: "Still Human?" 
The competition is the main event of the "Legnica SILVER Festival", which has been organised by the Gallery of Art in Legnica since 1979. The jury selected 44 artists for the exhibition in the gallery and offered several prizes.

Among this year's winners is Sivlia Bellia, who graduated earlier this year with a Master of Fine Arts degree in gemstone and jewellery. She was awarded the prize of the International Amber Association for her brooch "Amigdala".
Also selected for the exhibition was the work of graduate DOT MELANIN (MFA 2016).

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Silvia Bellia is an Italian artist based in Idar-Oberstein, Germany. Her work reflects her interest in an essential aspect of human nature: technological augmentation. She combines the use of new technologies, such as 3D modelling and printing, with the ancient art of stone cutting.


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Silvia Bellia, Broch "Amigdala", PLA, Silver, Stainless Steel, 2021.
Silvia Bellia, Broch "Amigdala", PLA, Silver, Stainless Steel, 2021.
Artists selected for the exhibition at the "Legnica International Jewellery Competition":

Silvia Bellia (Italy), Rita Besnyői (Hungary), Annarita Bianco (Italy), Alexander Blank (Germany), Andrzej Boss (Poland), Laurent Brune (France), Renata Campisani (Italy), Carla Castiajo (Portugal), Anna and Witold Chudzik (Poland), Jacek Franasik (Poland), Mariana Bilbao Gonzalez-Dueñas (Spain), Julia Groos (Germany), Marta Havličková (Czech Republic), Esther Heite (Germany), Tuija Hietanen (Finland), Romualdas Inčirauskas (Lithuania) , Tadeusz Jaśkowiak (Poland), Rasa Jundulaité - Lithuania), Małgorzata Kalińska (Poland), Dovillé Kazakevičiené (Lithuania), Izabela Kędzior (Poland), Ji Young Kim (Republic of Korea), Renata Korpas-Sutowicz (Poland), Zofia and Witold Kozubscy (Poland), Felieke van der Leest (Netherlands), Peter Machata (Slovakia), Dot Melanin (Germany), Wu Meng-Ju (Taiwan), Mireia Calaf Mensa (Spain), Michalina Owczarek-Siwak (Poland), Sham Patwardhan -Joshi (Germany), Ruudt Peters (Netherlands), Kirsten Plank (Germany), Hana Polivková (Czech Republic), Paulius Rukas (Lithuania), Tieke Scheerlinck (Belgium), Kristýna Španihelová (Czech Republic), Sława Tchórzewska (Poland), Miroslava Veselá (Czech Republic), Heike Walk (Germany), Karol Weisslechner (Slovakia), Liu Yiqing (China), Olga Zielińska (Poland), Katarzyna Żuczkowska (Poland)


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