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Sandra Hartman - Where the wild floral beds are grown

Sandra Hartman (BFA) is showing her art installation in Idar-Oberstein until the end of 2022.

"This bed I lay upon, this furniture made of lines, that supports me, carries me through life, transports me into another world that is sometimes more in touch with myself than I could ever be. This medium, this vehicle, which appears so static, can also function as a passage, a transit, a shift into a new consciousness.  
It’s the place we are the most intimate, also the place where we could feel the most isolated.   The place where you get that number of days before it all stops. Would we live a different life if we knew when our last day would be?  
In the midst of this place, where we live most of our lives, we decide when we need to rest, play, work, and get serious about our lives.  
When faced with a bed that has such an outward presence, I am sometimes forced to reveal the most inward parts of myself. It can reveal some of my most hesitating emotions.  
The lessons I need to learn about life get reflected here, the fears and worries that keep me up at night.   
These flowers that surrounds me whether I am conscious of them, and other times I am not, they take part in my life. They celebrate life with us, they participate when we say goodbye, when something new enters our lives, they accompany us in the now. They represent everything and nothing at the same time. 
Flowers embody the emotions we go through; they symbolise the stages we move through in our lives with all the different journeys we take on, and they have thorns to protect their soft and tender petals from outside influences."

Photos: ©Gina Müller
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