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Nga Ching Ko is "Designers in Residence" scholarship holder 2022 of the city of Pforzheim

EMMA - Kreativzentrum Pforzheim awards a "Designers in Residence" scholarship to Nag Ching Ko (MFA 2021)

Every year from April to June the city of Pforzheim invites international young designers as part of the scholarship program “Designers in Residence” to Pforzheim. “Designers in Residence” addresses to young designers working in the fields of jewellery, fashion, accessory, industrial and communication design as well as other design disciplines. Interdisciplinary project proposals are welcome. Three scholarship holders will be invited to the EMMA – Creative Center Pforzheim for a three – month working phase.

"As part of a social structure, it is essential for people to interact with others. In her “Inclusion” series, Hong Kong jewelry designer Nga Ching Ko explores the nuances of the unsaid that make it possible for people to interact and be accepted in their social environment. In doing so, she incorporates her own experiences of settling into and integrating into a new cultural environment into her work. Her works are showing the process of her making compromises, the emotion of resistance, struggle or anger. Also, expressing the pressure and suppression that she encounters of being included in a group, explained Nga Ching Ko, who comes from Hong Kong and is living in Germany for three years. In Pforzheim she wants to deal with “empty words”. Positive comments are social language in order to make connections with others, it is not always a “real” compliment. “good”, “cool”, “interesting” are most times empty speech. People say it mainly to be polite and to prevent social embarrassment. During her nearly three years of study in Germany, she found that it is hard to hear negative judgement from European schoolmates or friends. Some compliments become meaningless for her. In Pforzheim, she wants to make her interpretation of compliments and cultural differences tangible through her jewelry pieces, working with different materials such as metal and textiles."


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