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Master's graduate Ngaching Ko nominated for TALENTE 2024

In 2024, TALENTE - Masters of the Future will present the work of 92 young designers from 27 countries in 12 different fields. Ngaching Ko (MFA 2021) is one of them.

The artist says about her work: "Excessive production, usage, and disposal by people have put tremendous pressure on the environment, caused by textiles. Second-hand stores are filled with clothes, and even donating them does not alleviate the burden.
The REPLAY series uses second-hand clothes collected from second-hand stores or garbage dumps and reinterprets them through craftsmanship. The remaining good parts of the old clothes are extracted and developed into something new. The second-hand clothes are re-worn in the form of jewellery."

In 2024, works by participants from China, Iran, Israel, Croatia, Colombia and Lithuania will also be on display. The talents will present innovative, imaginative, unusual and very different works, particularly in the fields of glass, ceramics, jewellery and textiles. Overall, the exhibits reflect the great interest in textiles, which has already been observed in recent years, and in glass, which is being discovered as a versatile material.

TALENTE - Masters of the Future 2024 will take place from 28 February to 3 March 2024 in Hall B1. The TALENTE Award will be presented by an international jury on the stage in Hall B1 on Saturday, 2 March 2024.

This year, TALENTE - Masters of the Future presents works that deal with current problems. These include the long-standing search for new alternative, sustainable materials or those that recycle existing materials and make them reusable. This includes the reuse of organic waste to produce plastic alternatives or the further processing of waste such as marine plastic. Experiments on the development of new materials for the construction industry such as biocement or geopolymers will also be on show. Other works deal with pressing current issues such as the extinction of species and the consequences of wars and attempt to offer solution models for certain problems. For example, dwellings for endangered amphibian species and a transport trolley for large loop metal detectors for explosive ordnance disposal will be presented.

Ngaching Ko (MFA 2021)

Mehr Informationen zur Messe und dem Award finden Sie hier. 

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