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Master student Daniil Neskromny and graduates Susie Heuberger and Stephie Morawetz at the Brussels Jewellery Week

Daniil Neskromniy | Ring "Simmer" | Rock crystal, silver | 2023

As part of the exhibition "Particles" from 25 April to 5 May, Daniil, who is currently enrolled in the Master's programme, and the two graduates Susie Heuberger and Stephie Morawetz will be showing their work. Participation in the exhibition opening on 24th of April is by invitation only.

On our planet dominated by the urgency of transformation, PARTICLE[S] proposes a variation on the theme of tiny forces, their active solidarity, their hidden power. Their subtle arrangement creates a work or, on the contrary, generates chaos. The power of PARTICLE[S] is irresistible...
In physics, "elementary particles" are the smallest elements that make up matter and the forces of the universe: In constant motion, these tiny bodies are capable of forming large ensembles through fusion and are thus the basis of all creation, all transformation. In grammar, a particle is a small, unchanging element: firm, modest, it inflects the meaning of a word by combining with it.

The term PARTICLE[S] can be considered from a purely scientific or technical point of view. However, in a world threatened by pollution and species extinction, it can also be seen as a metaphor for the people whose co-operation will eventually form a critical mass that can regenerate the world.
PARTICLE[S] is also applicable to the world of contemporary jewellery, as every material (metal, wood, stones, etc.) is made up of such particles that subtly arrange themselves and eventually become a work of art.
Finally, as in the poem by Jalal al-Din Rumi, PARTICLE[S] can be a metaphor for the irresistible. 

More information about Brussels Jewellery Week and the exhibition Particles. 

Address: MAD Brussels, 10 Place du Nouveau Marché-aux-Grains, Nieuwgranenmarkt 10 in 1000 Brussels

Susie Heuberger | Necklace / Body related object "Entierro" | Oaxacan native corn, cotton thread | 2023
Stephie Morawetz | Brooch "Micro Plastic" | Polymethylmethacrylat, Polystyrol, Polyquaternium, Acrylates, Polyquaternium, Polypropylen, Glycerin, Gelatine, Aqua, Stainless Steel | 2023
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