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Mana Jahangard Mahboub wins "Special Jury Award" of the Germany International Film Festival

© Mana Jahangard Mahboub Photograph: "I'm just a memory that I can't even remember" (2020)

Mana Jahangard Mahboub (MFA) wins several awards for her video work and photography.

Mana Jahangard Mahboub (MFA) wins with her photograph "I'm just a memory that I can't even remember" (2020)  in the category  "Art photography" of the "International World Photography Awards" as well as the "Special Jury Award" of the "Germany International Film Festival". 

Her video "Can you hear me?" (2020) was selected and shown at the "Cadence Video Poetry Festival" of the Northwest Film Forum and the "International Art Visual and Film Festival, Filmoptico".


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