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Julia Obermaier (BFA 2016) receives a Special Mention by the LOEWE FOUNDATION CARFT PRIZE 2022

The Craft Prize jury met in Seoul for deliberations and agreed to award two special commendations in addition to the awards. One goes to "Verborgen" (Brooches | Rock Crystal, Cast Resin, Pigment, Stainless Steel | 2021) by Julia Obermaier.

Digital Exhibition

Accompanying the physical exhibition at the Seoul Museum of Craft Art (SeMoCA), this digital exhibition reflects LOEWE's ongoing search for solutions that prioritise sustainability - designed in native dark mode to reduce digital load, save energy and focus on the artworks. 

To underline our commitment to creativity in all forms and disciplines, the LOEWE FOUNDATION invited six authors to write a response to the 30 selected works, highlighting their design, craftsmanship and inherent beauty with short texts that are insightful, humorous and poetic. 

A creative response to Verborgen by Sarah Thomas: "It visited from a cold part of the Earth. We had heard how freezing it was down there, and what that kind of ice does to colour. Sets it to memory. It gave us green gauze, rose and tangerine. We thought of tea gowns and gardens, but we turned these frozen memories to shards. We wanted to keep the sentiment hard."

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