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Iris Hummer receives two awards at the International Jewellery Competition QUALITY in Legnica

Iris Hummer: How do you adorn yourself with words? | Ring | Silver, 14 karat gold | 2022

Iris Hummer (stud. MFA) is awarded the II Award of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage as well as an Honorable Mention of the Maydaybyday Gallery. Congratulations!

How do you adorn yourself with words?

This object is meant to inspire people to become aware of their values and to carry them outwards. It is an amplifier of the senses and is intended to encourage action through its language of form. It can be used as a megaphone to make values audible, as a telescope to direct our gaze to the essentials and look more closely, or as a funnel that captures the voices and sounds of others and allows us to listen more closely. It is an object that strengthens self-confidence and can be understood as a bridge between speaking and listening.

It encourages us to listen - not listening away - and to look and not to look away, to take a stand and not to remain passive in silence. An object that transports the values and thoughts from the silence of one's own head into the ears and thoughts of others and thus allows them to enter into resonance with the environment.

Iris Hummer

31th International Jewellery Competition QUALITY

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