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Graduate Natascha Frechen wins the Klimt02 New Talents Award

Natascha Frechen, No Title, 2023 Jaspis, 14k gold, Stahl

The 9th edition of Klimt02's New Talents Award aims to recognise the work of graduates in our field and promote their careers in the professional world. Natascha Frechen wins a solo exhibition at the Hannah Gallery in Barcelona and a one-year membership of the platform.

Natascha Frechen on her work "Soul, Body and the Object":

"What role do objects play in philosophical discourses on the soul and the body?
The soul concepts of Plato and Aristotle have played an important role in philosophical discourse and in people's understanding of the world and continue to influence our thinking to this day. Our view of the world is also influenced by these theories.

The soul is defined as our inner self, the sensual aspect, as well as the reflective centre of the human being. It is the presence of the soul that breathes life into a body.
The body is connected to the soul and the immaterial world on the one hand, but also to the material aspect of our being on the other. The body is the empirical medium through which we perceive and influence the outside world. The body represents the reference system to the environment, which is grasped through sensory experience and perception. Sensory experiences are essential for our understanding of the world, which is in a constant interrelationship with the inside and outside - an interplay of body, soul and environment. The results of our actions are reflected both in our physical being and in our soul. All experiences are made as physical beings, so it is inconceivable to separate the soul from the body, as we are inseparable from the body

Prof Ute Eitzenhöfer, first supervisor of the thesis said: 

"Natascha Frechen's works operate at the boundaries of body, soul and nature. She works the solid material stone with sculptural quality and pushes it to its limits. Taken from nature, she gives it a form that makes the human influence clear, but still allows the originality of the source to be recognised. 
With her works, she wants to make a process visible, an experience of the passing of time. 
How do people perceive themselves and their surroundings?
How are people touched physically or mentally?
Which senses are involved in the perception of the world?
The body as the physical basis of perception of the world is analysed.
A body that perceives with all its senses and can thus understand itself as part of the world and its transformation processes.

Natascha Frechen (BFA 2019) & (MFA 2023)

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