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Gina Nadine Müller (MFA) at Schmuckstammtisch Wien

Gina Nadine Müller (MFA) is showing her work and discussing about body positivity

The 18th Schmuckstammtisch Wien will be dedicated to the topic Body Images: Jewelry and Body Positivity. 

"Between culturally shaped ideals of beauty, political movements and digital marketing, the body at the center of our attention is not only a means, but also serves as the basis for the development of new perspectives - especially when it comes to self-perception."

Invited to the conversation are Gina Nadine Müller (MFA) and cultural sociologist Melanie Haller (Hamburg/Paderborn). At the end of the event, an open discussion will be held with all participants. The Schmuckstammtisch will take place online via Zoom on the 14th of January at 7pm CEST, please register via e-mail to

The Schmuckstammtisch Wien is organized and moderated by Katharina Kielmann, Ariane Teither and Katharina Schniebs.





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