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Florian Milker, Artist in Residence April 2021

Florian Milker is Artist in Residence of the Idar-Oberstein Campus and the Jakob Bengel Foundation in April and May. He will give a lecture on his work on 5th of May 21.



The jewellery artist and designer Florian Milker, who is a trained goldsmith and studied jewellery and sculpture at the Burg Giebichenstein Academy of Art in Halle an der Saale, is guest artist in residence at the Idar-Oberstein Campus and the Jakob Bengel Foundation in April.
Milker's jewellery pieces are inspired by architecture and its symbolism, with possible interpretations ranging from superstition to decoration. In his works, he often switches between different materials and techniques. The resulting so-called "series" pieces move between the themes of fabrication and uniqueness. Milker works with manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing, milling and vacuum casting, playfully combining different materials in his work. He says: "Making jewellery is my search for the fragments of our lost naivety in the sandbox of life."

On 5th of May 21 at 19:00 Florian Milker will give a lecture about his work. The lecture will take place online. In addition to students, interested parties are also invited to attend the AiR Lecture. To do so, please contact Vanessa Zöller zoellerv(at)
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