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Far From Home - with Kika Rufino at Galerie Nathalie Duchayne in Brazil

[Translate to Englisch:] Kika Rufino, Series with 7 unique photograms (Nr. 0-6), Photographic paper, wood frame and museum glass, 2016 - 2018

Kika Rufino (MFA 2018) presents a new series of 7 unique photograms, developed for her Master Thesis at Campus Idar-Oberstein.

Galerie Nathalie Duchayne presents "Far From Home" with Kika Rufino (MFA 2018) at Rua Rio preto, 38, São Paulo from 9. November to 3. December 2018.

In the exhibition "Far From Home", Kika presents a unique series of images. These are photograms, developed and revealed by her, sensitised under pieces of stones cut and carved also by the artist. Brazilian stones that were found and worked in the atelier in Germany. They compose the printed image and are also your filter.

"Ausepresent" is a unique series of images that make up yet another layer of inquiry into the relationship between artistic doing and its meanings. Stone, cut, light and sensitivity. The act of cutting, of creating with voids, of giving space to light and also filtering it and thus printing on sensitive paper. Therefore the work is about existing at a distance, of being absent and present, of thinking about the origin and its unfolding. Thresholds, which deal with disorientation and desire. They make us face the abyss of emptiness or glimpse beyond thanks to void.

Nuances of these images result from a single, instantaneous action by the artist. Some effects, such as the softness of the image and the dark, almost black tone, are guaranteed thanks to a fast and constant movement of its body, to make present and absent, between the light source and its stones.

These images compose her Master Thesis presented at Hochschule Trier, Campus Idar-Oberstein (2018) and will be shown in dialogue with "Relicario". Brooches from 2015, made of silver and acrylic glass, they save and show images inside it, one is a painting "Trace" of the artist, the other contains an image cutout of a ring also made by her "Meta-Joia".

See more works by Kika Rufino or visit the Website of Galerie Nathalie Duchayne.

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